About Us


Mull & Weithman Architects was established in January 1998 by Joe Weithman and Bradley Mull and has been in business for 20+ years. The two principals have a combined 60 years of experience designing Municipal Facilities, Police and Fire Stations, Offices, Libraries, Educational Facilities, Laboratories, Religious Facilities and Residential projects. Our office is centrally located in Columbus, which will ensure a quick response for projects across the state.

We believe that communication is paramount to the success of each project and that good communication begins with the “Art of Listening”. Understanding your program requirements, aesthetic and financial goals, and overall primary objectives prior to starting the design process allows us the opportunity to creatively design the most responsive solution based on your needs.

Our team members take “Ownership” of each and every project on which we work. Our level of involvement, enthusiasm, pride, and professional and personal commitments to your projects and goals are apparent in each team member on our staff. We strive to create only the best facilities, and are confident that we can make your project a successful endeavor in which you and the community will admire.


Mull & Weithman Architects, inc. is a highly motivated and competent team of individuals committed to providing our clients with high quality full service architectural services. Our primary purpose is to serve clients who value high quality architecture. These clients realize that the buildings they live and work in not only provide shelter, but can also stimulate, nurture, and enhance their quality of life. In support of our mission statement, we practice these values and principles:

  • The Firm’s most valuable asset is our staff. We are committed to the recruitment and development of the best individuals in our industry. We value staff diversity and encourage open communication through an open studio environment. The Firm will be a safe and positive work environment and we will relate to each other with mutual respect and concern for each other’s wellbeing and success. We expect each staff member to embrace and support the concepts of teamwork and client-driven service.
  • We are sensitive to our clients’ needs and dedicated to their satisfaction. We will provide progressive, high-quality architectural services to our clients who want only the best for their projects.
  • We are committed to the long-term profitability of the Firm. Our decisions are guided by economics without compromising our integrity and commitment to quality architectural services. Through careful planning and sound financial judgment, we will be fairly compensated for our services which are priced and delivered competitively.
  • As members of our community at large, we are also dedicated to providing community service and leadership, especially as it relates to architecture in our built environment.
  • The firm endorses the continuing education requirements of our profession and actively participates in national, state, and local educational programs. We will support our staff financially to encourage personal and professional growth through continuing education programs.