Central Ohio Joint Fire District

Project info
Category : Police & Fire
Client : Central Ohio Joint Fire District
Location : Centerburg, Ohio
Year : 2019
Area : 9,722 (2,035 New Additions)
Project detail

Mull & Weithman served as the Criteria Architect for the renovation and additions to this facility.

More detail

The Central Ohio Joint Fire District project included additions and renovations to an existing 4-bay, 7,687 square foot Fire Station located in Centerburg, Ohio. The design involved careful, detailed planning to realize the goals for the project while maintaining uninterrupted, 24-hour operations throughout construction.

The additions provided the Department with a new dormitory for 6 firefighters. The design includes reconfiguring the existing combination Dayroom / Dorm, into an appropriately sized Dayroom & Dining Room with a renovated Kitchen space.

The other primary goal of the project was to create a healthier environment for the firefighters by providing a decontamination facility, including a toilet room / shower, a sauna, & separate rooms for EMS supplies, SCBA, Gear Laundry, & Physical Fitness. This design strategy allows for the separation of “Dirty” zones from “Clean” zones, minimizing the opportunity for cross contamination.