City of Columbus Police Substation No. 14

Project info
Category : Police & Fire
Client : City of Columbus
Location : Columbus, Ohio
Year : 2008
Area : 6,300
Project detail

Substation #14 is a new 2 precinct substation located on the east side of Columbus.

More detail

The project is comprised of 6,300 s.f., housing police offices and community functions. Interior spaces include offices, locker and shower facilities, roll call space, computer center, community meeting room and pride center offices, along with associated support facilities. This project was designed based on LEED principals, but did not require certification. Some of the environmental features include daylighting, an energy recovery unit, reflective roof surfaces, recycled and low VOC materials, and low flow plumbing fixtures. The building is sited on a corner lot and provides parking for the public community center, and a gated secure lot for police vehicles.